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I  Have not updated my website in a very long time, Acutely 10 years lol so with new technology the new work is Evan nicer ... 

But the best Reference I got to offer is MR.& Mrs Ross at 1621 Bay meadows Ln. OBG 

as we just re did there job that was Originally done '25' years ago by me . & of coarse word of mouth so ,,

‘GO to  Click on the Home Improvements section scroll down to my ad 

Decorative Concrete of central Florida inc. 

It’s  Red-blue-White  Read all the positive Reviews You should be happy knowing there is a good contractor you can trust in Villages…


[email protected] 352-620-9561 

If you require additional references, please contact me.

At. [email protected]  or 352-620-9561 

I can provide good references in your specific areas of interest …I have over 10,000 customers in my 28 years in the villages 😊

Thank you CLIFF 

And you can log into,